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This page is our "Town Forum" for all to share their thoughts and comments regarding our common passion for Craco.  Please feel free to leave a message, ask a question, or relay information to help us grow even closer with other members and visitors.


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In addition,  the Craco Families of North America forum on Yahoo Groups can be accessed by registered individuals to exchange information.   Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/subscribe/Craco and register to join. 


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Date:        22 May 2009
Time:        09:07 AM


I stumbled across this by sheer luck on Facebook. My grandmother Antonia Mormando  was born and raised in Craco. She came to America when she was 14. The word about The Craco Society is spreading quickly through my family. You now have 5 new members and will be joining you in October for the reunion. We are hoping to find out if we still have any relatives in Craco.

I would like to give a very special thanks to Fred Spero in all the work that he did for my family. He traced my grandmothers family in Craco back to 1811. How exciting is that. Now if we can have the same luck for my grandfather who came from Pisticci.

Date:       23 May 2009
Time:      10:30 AM

We're thrilled that you've found us!  Besides our amazing inventory of ancestral archives and history about Craco, our organization is truly comprised of some of the nicest and most friendly individuals you will ever meet.  We look forward to meeting you in October, and I'm sure through our connections with the town we can help you in your search to find family still in Craco.  With our trip back "home" next year, it would be another amazing chapter in our Society's history to see you meet your long-lost cousins!   Best Regards,  Bob Rubertone

Date:        16 Jan 2009
Time:        05:46 PM


I am so excited to find you! I am a Mormando (Oleksy is my married name) with Craco heritage and in an effort to find my ancestors and make a family tree I have come across your website and organization.  I live in Colorado USA.  I am sending in my membership form immediately.  I cannot wait to go through all the wonderful information.
Date:       16 Jan 2009
Time:      09:30 PM

We're also so glad you found us!  Among our 280 members, in both Italy and America,  we have a few members who also share the Mormando surname.  Two who come to mind are Domenica Mormando in Craco, who is the President of the Colibri Association, a group dedicated to the preservation of religious and historical  information; and Father Nick Mormando, a Roman Catholic Priest in the NY metropolitan area.  We have a great deal of genealogical information to share and if you visit our "Genealogy" page and scroll down, you will find instructions on how to request information about your ancestors directly from the Comune di Craco!   If you e-mail me at thecracosociety@aol.com I'll gladly put you in direct contact with some of your Craco cuginos.  Once again, welcome to our organization and we look forward to hearing from you and hopefully meeting soon.

Best Regards,   
Bob Rubertone

Date:        02 Oct 2008
Time:        05:51 PM


I'm looking for a picture of the Mormando crest.  Would anyone have a picture of one?



Date:       02 Oct 2008
Time:      09:30 PM

While I'm not familiar with family crests or their origins, there are many Mormandos from Craco.  We will ask some of our Mormando cousins if they can help you in your search.  Best of luck, and we'll be in touch.   Best Regards, Bob Rubertone


Date:        11 Sep 2008
Time:        08:04 AM


Hello friends,
While in Craco I got 3 Viggiano  documents from Anna Lucia. Hopefully they can get some Viggiano discussion going.
1.   Wedding record of Viggiano, Donato Maria Filomeno b. 1841,{son of Prospero Viggiano and Isabella Galante} on 28 May 1868 to Francavilla, Caterina, b 1853 {daughter od Domenicantonio Francavilla and Rosa Forgione}

2. Birth record of Viggiano, Vincenzo Maria Gabriele on 12 Oct 1835  {son of Prospero Viggiano b 1798 and Isabella Galente  1799}

3 Birth record of Viggiano, Isabella 11 August 1858 {daughter of Francesco Viggiano b 1825 and Rosa Forgione  b 1834}.
  Any comments?  

 Thanks, Anna Veeder



Date:        20 Jul 2008
Time:        09:22 AM

We are the Episcopia family of Baxter Street.  Nichola Episcopia was my father, and Giovannina Castellano was my mother.  It was a thrill to see their names included on your website.  We are uncertain, however, that the dates of my father's arrival in NYC is accurate.  We are planning to join and would like to discuss this further.  We'd also love to send photographs so our family could be represented as well.  All the best, Carmela O'Connor (nee Episcopia)

Date:       20 July 2008
Time:       12:30 PM


We're so glad that you found us!  One of our group's goals has always been to reach out to as many Crachesi as possible and maintain the bonds that were so important to our ancestors.  If you have any corrected information or  photos that you would like included on our website, please forward them at you earliest convenience and we'll be happy to include them.  If your schedule permits, please know that you are welcome to join us at our 2nd annual reunion in NYC August 15-17.  You can find out all the details by visiting the News and Events page on the website and downloading the brochure.  Please send us your e-mail address so we can keep you informed about all of our future events.  We look forward to keeping in touch with you and your family and meeting one day soon.    

Bob Rubertone


Date:        21 May 2008
Time:        03:58 AM

I just got back from my trip to Craco. As I have told you before, I am not from Craco or anywhere near it. My uncle through marriage lived in Craco during WWII and I felt that I wanted to see the town. I had been there as a boy for a few days vacation, but I did not remember it well.
Going back was an awesome experience. To see Palazzo Cammarotta ( that is where my uncle lived, his step mother being Donna Teresa Cammarotta), was an emotional experience. Walking through the town was a walk through the past. The houses and palaces where superb in there style and beauty, but unfortunately they are no match for Nature and the errors of humans.
My uncle took me there and recalled several of the buildings and the places he frequented as a young man. I believe he was in college in Naples or something like that during the war. He had to walk a long distance to the train station.
I thought that this trip would put to rest my desire to see this town, but it hasn't, I now have to plan another trip there with my friend to show her a piece of Italy long gone.

Date:        08 May 2008
Time:        09:04 AM

Next week I will be in the area of Craco for a couple of days. I will try my best to go and see the old town and if so I will e-mail you some pictures.
What I need to know is if there are any restrictions or warnings about going to Craco Vecchia because of the terrain.
Thank you for any info,
John Ferrario
Date:       08 May 2008
Time:       05:30 PM
Craco Vecchio is posted with "No Trespassing" signs, and therefore it's technically illegal to explore. 
Have a safe, enjoyable trip and we look forward to hearing about your experiences! 
Best Regards,  Bob Rubertone


Date:        05 May 2008
Time:        12:43 PM

I was very surprised to learn of the Craco Society. My grandfather, Nicola Ferranti and my grandmother, Maria Mastronardi came from Craco. He was born in 1869 and came to New York around 1880 with his father. He returned to Italy and served for a time in the Italian army. He returned to New York in the early 1890s and then brought his wife over. Their first son was Charles born in 1896. They settled in Brooklyn where he operated a barber shop. Their other children were Vincent, Helen (Elena) my mother, Margaret and Bella. I have always wanted to visit Craco and now knowing of the Society exists give me further interest of going there.
Many thanks for all the information contained in the site.
God Bless!
Nicholas (Nick) J. Campbell



Date:      05 May 2008
Time:       4:12 PM

Nick,  Your kind message serves as a wonderful reminder of how important our mission is, and for that we thank you!   The names Ferranti and Mastronardi are both very familiar to us.  In fact, we have a few Mastronardis already in our Society.  As I'm sure you're aware, Craco is a very small town by any standards, and there is a great likelihood these may be your cousins!  If you can secure airline tickets, you are welcome to join us on our pilgrimage to Craco from June 14th- June 21th.  If your schedule doesn't permit such a trip on short notice, perhaps you can attend our 2nd annual reunion to be held in NYC from August 15th- 17th.  We also hope you'll consider becoming a member of the Society.  You can forward your e-mail address to us at memberservices@thecracosociety.org and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have and keep you informed about our organization's future events. 

Best Regards, Bob Rubertone

Date:        17 Apr 2008
Time:        02:24 AM


Hi again,
can you tell me approximately what years were the black and white pictures taken.


Date:      17 Apr 2008
Time:       8:05 AM

John,  To the best of my knowledge, most of  black and white photos were taken between the years 1957-1960.    Bob


Date:        16 Apr 2008
Time:        11:49 PM


Hi.  I just learned about your organization and visited your website.  The whole idea of a 'Craco Society' is fantastic.  I couldn't help but become choked up when I took your guided tour and found family names among your documents.  Thank you for helping to connect me with my past!

I am a descendant of Prospero Tuzio who came to the US from Craco and settled in Brooklyn, NY.  He and his wife had 3 children: Rose, Dominick, and Frank (my father).  Over the past year, I embarked on a mission to find my relatives in Italy, and recently made plans to travel to Craco and to Peschiera.

I'm leaving in 5 days, but I am still totally lost as to the best way to get there!!
At this point, I plan to travel by train to Metaponto and to stay in the Nuovo San Teodoro agritourismo in Matera - it was the closest place I could find, yet it is still about 30 miles away.  I suspect I will have to hire a car to get from there to Craco - is that the case?  ANY suggestions for getting there would be very much appreciated.

Thank you - both for your help and for forming such a phenomenal organization!  You'll be receiving my membership application shortly. :)

Helen Tuzio


Date:      17 Apr 2008
Time:       7:50 AM

Helen,  Thank you for your kind words.  Our Society has in its possession many documents to help individuals in their genealogical searches.  One of our main goals is, and will always be, to lend assistance to anyone who shares our passion for our Crachesi roots.  I recently discovered that my great-great grandmother's name was Isabella Tuzio.  Coming from a town as tiny as Craco, it is not hard to believe that if we trace our roots far enough into the past, we will discover that we are all cousins.  As far as your trip is concerned, I believe you will either have to rent a car or secure the services of a taxi to take you to Craco.  Perhaps the owners of the agriturismo can give you the best advise.  When in Craco, you may want to consider asking for Anna Lucia Nuzo in the town offices.  She speaks English and has been very willing to help research members questions about their ancestors.  In fact, she's the source of my Tuzio connection!  Have a wonderful, safe journey and please let us know how your trip went. 

Warmest Regards, Bob Rubertone


Date:        30 Mar 2008
Time:        11:16 AM


I was looking through some papers that I had stored away.  I found some notes that I took when speaking to my aunt in the 1970's.  She was born in 1898 in NYC.  I see notes on a Vincenzo Lubertone.  He was a butcher.  Could this possibly  be Rubertone?    His daughter was Camille who married Leonardo Galante.  Leonardo had a farm and then it was all lost. Their daughter was Domenica Galante who married Antonio Rinaldi, my great grandfather.  Domenica's mother  died when she was young.  She didn't know when her birthday was because the records in the town were destroyed either by bandits or earthquake.  Her brother was Vincenzo Galante.  Her grandfather Vincenzo Lubertone took her after her father died at age 33.  She was with her grandfather until he died.  Vincenzo Galante had lost a leg working on the railroad.  Domenica Galante had 10 children, all died except for two. 

Does any of this sound familiar to anyone?  I would love to get some more information.  Bob Rubertone -  maybe I have  Rubertones in my family?         Isabella Pause


Date:      31 Mar 2008
Time:       8:50 AM

Cara Isabella,    What exciting news about the newly discovered branch to your family tree.  With only about 400 households in Craco (at its peak!), I have little to no doubt Vincenzo Lubertone was at one time a Rubertone.   In my research I've discovered  an entire branch of the Rubertone clan which Joe Rinaldi (Canada), Joe Rinaldi (Rhinebeck) and Lena Camperlengo all share but I cannot go back far enough to connect to my people.  I assembled a family tree for this branch and my best guess is these are your Vincenzo's ancestors.  I am enclosing an attachment of it for you.  I promise to keep on the lookout for any clues or items I may have overlooked.  As Lena always says about our entire society, "we are all cousins".   Be well and keep in touch, mia Cugina!   Bob

Date:        25 Mar 2008
Time:        11:27 AM

I'm the Craco's Archiviste. Un saluto a tutti.
Thank you so much Mr. Joe Rinaldi
by Anna L.Nuzzo


Date:      26 Mar 2008
Time:       8:50 AM

Anna,  Thank you so much for all your assistance in our quest for more information.  We genuinely appreciate the cooperation that everyone in Craco has given us.  We look forward to meeting you this summer!                                              Best Regards,   Bob Rubertone

Date:        19 Mar 2008
Time:        03:00 PM




Date:      19 Mar 2008
Time:        5:45 PM

Domenica,  Mille grazia per queste informazioni. Speriamo che abbiate un Pasqua felice inoltre e attendiamo li vediamo in Craco questa estate!

Date:        18 Mar 2008
Time:        01:15 PM


Giuseppe Lorubio must be smiling down on the newest member of the LaRubbio clan.
Joseph Stephen LaRubbio was born on February 25, 2008, the great-grandson of my uncle Sylvio, the grandson of my cousin, Joseph and the son of James and Dina LaRubbio.

Wishing all my Cracotan cousins a blessed St. Joseph's Day.


Date:      18 Mar 2008
Time:        16:45 PM

Marilynn,  Congratulations on the newest LoRubbio arrival!  Our best wishes to James, Dina and little Joseph.  Be well and a very blessed Easter to you and all your family.     Bob and Janet

Date:        14 Mar 2008
Time:        09:26 AM


  Does anyone know a Giuseppe Minaya, lived as a young boy in Craco just before and during WWII. His father was a Francesco Minaya, Married to a Donna Teresa.
Giuseppe Minaya was born in the USA but moved to Italy with his father, as a baby, after his mother died. It was there that Francesco married this Donna Teresa.


Date:      17Mar 2008
Time:        07:27 AM

I have checked with my sister and brother and law who still live in Craco.  Though the names Francesco and Giuseppe Minaia are not known to them, the name Donna Teresa certainly is.  Do you know if this was a second marriage also for Donna Teresa?  We do know that Donna Teresa’s married name was Cammarota.  She had a daughter “Donna Laura” who suffered from what we believe was muscular dystrophy and was in a wheel chair.  They lived in a beautiful farm house on a property adjacent to the lands my parents owned.  When my brother in law knew Donna Teresa and Donna Laura (around 1964) they were living alone in the house.  Eventually Donna Teresa dies, and Donna Laura moved to Stigliano to be closer to medical help, where she died.  Their property was sold to the Capozzi family who still own it today (I was in that house in 1990).  

My sister and brother and law will ask around in Craco on the whereabouts of the Minaias and will get back to me with more information.  

I’ll keep you posted as I learn more. 

Regards, Joe

Date:        01 Mar 2008
Time:        12:54 AM


I've just discovered the "Virtual Tour" on our website!!  It's wonderful!  Thank you again to the Rubertones for their excellent work on this site!!

Marlyne Marrese


Date:        01 Mar 2008
Time:        03:30 PM

Marlyne,  We're so very happy to learn that you enjoyed the "tour"!   However, both Janet and I are anxiously counting the days until we can explore Craco together with you, and all our cousins, in person.  Be well and we look forward to seeing you this summer.      Best Regards,  Bob

Date:        19 Feb 2008
Time:        12:42 PM


        To all those involved with the Craco Society and beyond Bravo!! This is incredible for our family since we just found out ours is originally from Craco and not Naples as we were always told. My father Wayne Rinaldi is working hard on our family tree and this discovery of the Craco Society is a major break through for us in finding our roots and discovering who we are as Rinaldi's and Italians. There are not many left in our family to tell the story of who our people were and where they came from as well as the hardships they endured before coming to America. The Craco Society has now changed all that and we are excited to learn all we can. We look forward to becoming members of the Society and meeting other Crachesi in the future, again thank you all for your hard work because it is truly appreciated by those who care about their families origins.                                                 


Yours Truly,                                                                                                               
                                                                                                                  John Rinaldi
                                                                                                                  Rinaldi Truck Rentals
                                                                                                                   361 Route 59 West
                                                                                                                   Nanuet, NY 10954


Date:        19 Feb 2008
Time:        09:30 PM

John,  Thank you so much for your kind words.  We like to think our ancestors, who sacrificed so much to come to the new world, are looking down upon us proudly for honoring our common heritage.  We have many Rinaldis already in our organization, and they are very anxious to get in touch with you, establish a common link and help you in your genealogical research.  Please e-mail me your contact information at TheCracoSociety@aol.com and  I'll forward it to them.  Welcome to our group and please keep in touch so we can keep you informed about out trip to Craco and 2nd Annual Reunion in NYC this summer.   Best Regards,  Bob Rubertone

Date:        04 Feb 2008
Time:       02:28 PM


I am John Dragonette (Giovanni Dragonetti), a descendant of Maria Angela Marmo.  She was born in Craco on May 15, 1871. Her father was Vincenzo Marmo, her mother was Maria Maddalena Berardone. My grandmother, Maria Marmo, was orphaned at the age of 9, having lost both her parents within 5 days of each other in January 1880.  Additionally, a 12 year old brother died about the time of Maria's birth.
Maria spent 10 years in a convent in Craco and at the age of 19 she left Craco for America.  She departed Naples on August 6, 1890 traveling on the S.S. Britannia of the Fabre Line and arrived at the Port of New York on August 26, 1890.  She joined the Baxter Street crowd alone at 19.  In January of 1892 arrangements were made for Maria to marry Giovanni Paladino at the Chiesa Italiana delle Risurrbione.  By December of 1892 Maria and Giovanni had their first child they named Antonietta.  She was my mother.


Date:        04 Feb 2008
Time:       05:54 PM

John,  On behalf of The Craco Society, I welcome you to our group.  The surnames Marmo and Berardone are very familiar to us.  In fact, Angelina Berardone (born about 1800 in Craco) was married to one of my Great-Great Grandfather's brothers.  We will be more than happy to share whatever genealogical information we have with you and hope you'll consider becoming a member of our society and joining in our social events, including our group trip to Craco this June and our 2nd annual reunion in August in the greater New York City area.  You can e-mail us at TheCracoSociety@aol.com and we'll include you on our mailing list.  Hope to hear from you soon!        Bob Rubertone

Date:        12 Dec 2007
Time:       01:52 PM


Hi,  I have no links to Craco other than having visited it during September this year. It is possibly the most interesting place that I have ever been having a strange 'other worldyness' about it. I was interested to see on the About Us section a mention of home movies. Does anyone have any footage of Craco as it was when it was inhabited and is there any way that the footage could be put online?
I have a number of photos that I took of Craco during my visit and would be happy to share them.

Best wishes,


Date:        13 Dec 2007
Time:       06:47 PM

George,  You can find video clips of Craco on our "Exclusives" page.  I'm glad your visit to our ancestral village was so memorable and meaningful.  We would be very interested in any photos you may wish to share with us, feel free to send them to us at TheCracoSociety@aol.com  .  Please check back monthly for updates to our website to keep up with our organization's events.  

Best Regards,
Bob Rubertone

Date:        02 Dec 2007
Time:       04:23 AM


To all cousins who are descendants of Vitantonio Rubertone and Isabella Tuzio:  I have ordered from the Family History Center, marriage records from Craco during the years 1816-1820.  When these arrive, hopefully we can establish a link between your Vitantonio and my Pietro.   Even if we cannot confirm this connection, I will be able to provide you with both Vitantonio and Isabella's parent's names.     Bob

Date:        08 Oct 2007
Time:       05:51 AM


I have viewed The Craco Society Website many times and each time I see something new and learn more about my heritage. To all of you who have contributed, "Thank you!"
A special thank you to Bob and Janet Rubertone for putting it all together! What a job and what a beautiful tribute to Craco.I am looking forward to my next meeting with my fellow Cracotans!

Marilynn LaRubbio Congedo