Societa San Vincenzo Martire di Craco




In August of 2008, during our Second Annual Reunion, we were sought out by an individual after he learned the Society was attending the San Rocco Mass, to share a photo of the Annual Banquet and Dance of the San Vincenzo Martire di Craco Society from 1938!   We  give our sincerest thanks to Paul Tocci for his thoughtful contribution to the Society.  An enlarged version of the above photograph is available by clicking on the photograph above.







This photo of the procession of San Vinenzo was taken in 1937, outside of St. Joachim's Church on Roosevelt St.

(courtesy of the Gallo family)








Bandstand for the Feast of San Vincenzo on October 24, 1936 at the corner of New Chambers and Roosevelt Streets.
(with permission of New York Public Library)








An announcement of the San Vincenzo Martire celebration from 1935 (courtesy of Paul Tocci family).









New York Times, Wednesday, October 28, 1901, Page 7.





The flag of the Societa San Vincenzo di Craco, donated to the Craco Society by the Gallo family.




A close up view of the shield located in the center of the flag.





Note the hand clutching three stalks of wheat, the official stemma of the Comune di Craco.



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