San Vincenzo in Craco



The venerated relic of San Vincenzo, now located in Craco Sant'Angelo.  At the front left is a vessel containing the blood which is typically stored with the remains of martyred saints.  In his left hand are palm leaves, also an indication of a martyr.



           This photograph was taken in 1963 by Father Regis Gallo, OFM in the Capella di San Pietro, which was located alongside the Monastery of the Order of Observant Friars in Craco Vecchio. 



This picture was found on the front of a postcard from Antonio Rinaldi to Father Regis Gallo, OFM.  The postcard was purchased in Craco and mailed in 1962.




The processional statue of San Vincenzo, now located next to the relic in Craco Sant'Angelo.



The processional statue in the Cappella di San Pietro in the 1970's, before it's relocation to Craco Sant'Angelo.



The alter in the Capppella di San Pietro in Craco Vecchio, also from the 1970's.



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