Map Of Craco ~ 1807


Among the historic documents The Society received as gifts from the Comune di Craco were property records known as the Catasti Onciri (1830 & 1753) and the Registro Relativo alla Contribuzione Fondiaria del Comune di Craco (1807). This document, containing land records also has a unique depiction of the town and surrounding area.  It is described in the Archivo note accompanying the original document as a colorful water-color on parchment with various access roads and the Salandrella River.  Located inside the front cover of the book, this 45x68cm (18x27 in.) sketch provides additional details about the town and area of 200 years ago.  At the top is the Fume Salandrella and as you look clockwise around the edges you will see the notations for the directions to Pisticci, Montalbano, Stigliano, & Grassano, along with locations that we donít immediately recognize today.  Significant buildings identified by name on it are;  the Fontana di S. Lorenzo, the Monastario (St Pererís Friary that was profiled in last month's edition), the church of S. Maria Orloceto, and the chapel of the Madonna della Stella.  Not labeled but visible in the town area are the Tower, Chiesa di San Nicola, and a steeple below it that was probably the chapel of Santa Maria di Monserrato.  More information about these historic sites in Craco will be available in the English translation of the townís history, Note Storiche sul Comune di Craco.