Craco Vital Records


Fr. Nick Mormando has kindly donated a large amount of material to the Society to assist other members in researching family history.  The material consists of selected vital records from Craco that he acquired while researching his family. 

Besides the obvious information in the records about the event this material also contains valuable information about the individuals who were listed as witnesses.  These individuals are identified by name, occupation, age, and fatherís name.  This information about an ancestor appearing in these records can be used to add to you family history.

The records mainly come from the period of 1901-1910.  Although they do not reflect all the vital records for the town during these years they include several items recording events occurring in New York that were sent back to Italy to be recorded in the Craco vital records.  To obtain more information about an individual or a copy of the record that is listed please contact with your request.


Names Record # Date Type Record
Adamo Giuseppina  IGI 1920 Marriage
Adderisio Antonio   1843 Birth
Adderisio Appolonia   1864 Marriage
Adderisio Saverio   1843 Birth
Addessio Caterina VII42 1909 Death
Agata Carlo B3 1908 Birth
Agata Nicola B3 1908 Birth
Agatiello Ipolita B4 1908 Birth
Andrisani Buonafede VII11 1907 Death
Andrisani Maria Giuseppina VII11 1907 Death
Angelone Antonio Vincenzo B40 1908 Birth
Angelone Maria Filomenia B40 1908 Birth
Antonaro Vito VII16 1907 Death
Aqaliello Maria VII40 1909 Death
Arlo Pasquale VI2 1909 Death
Barbalinardo Leonardo Antonio M21 1907 Marriage
Barbalinardo Nicola M21 1907 Marriage
Barletta Grazia Lucria M27 1905 Marriage
Barletta Liugi M27 1905 Marriage
Benedetto Innocenzo VI11 1902 Death
Benedetto Maria Vincenza B34 1907 Birth
Benedetto Rosa VI9 1902 Death
Bernardo Giovanni   1827 Death
Biancalli Lucrezia   1869 Marriage
Bifolo Maddelena VII5 1902 Death
Bitonto Canio B4 1908 Birth
Bitonto Rosa B4 1908 Birth
Branda Domenico VII15 1907 Death
Branda Lorenzo IV2 1910 Death
Branda Maria  B40 1908 Birth
Branda Maria Caterina II4 1909 Birth
Branda Nicola   1848 Birth
Branda Paolo   1852 Birth
Branda Pasquale VII42 1909 Death
Branda Pasquale B5 1908 Birth
Branda Rosa   1848 Birth
Branda Rosa   1852 Birth
Branda Rosa VII4 1903 Death
Branda Roslia B38 1908 Birth
Branda Stella B31 1907 Birth
Branda Vincenzo VI7 1902 Death
Branda Vincenzo VII4 1903 Death
Brando Lorenzo VII23 1910 Death
Brunetti Domenico   1865 Marriage
Brunetti Giuseppe   1865 Marriage
Bruno Antonio   1840 Death
Califano Francesco B19 1903 Birth
Califano Gerardo B19 1903 Birth
Calinato Maria B9 1901 Birth
Cammarola Andrea B21 1905 Birth
Cammarota Antonio   1864 Marriage
Cammarota Francesco VII35 1909 Death
Cammarota Pietro VII33 1908 Death
Cammarota Pietro VII35 1909 Death
Camperlengo Giovanni VII6 1902 Death
Cantasano Francesco M1 1901 Marriage
Cantasano Giuseppe VI3 1901 Death
Cantasano Rosa Maria B6 1908 Birth
Cantasano Rosa maria B13 1903 Birth
Cantasano Rosa Maria B14 1903 Birth
Carbone Antonio M22 1907 Marriage
Carbone Francesco Paolo M5 1902 Marriage
Carbone Maria Caterina VII39 1909 Death
Carbone Rosa Maria M22 1907 Marriage
Caricati Pietro B32 1907 Birth
Caricato Pietro IV4 1910 Death
Caricola Pietro VII24 1910 Death
Caruse Francesco VII21 1910 Death
Caruso Rosa VII21 1910 Death
Castellano Cesare M7 1904 Marriage
Castellano Rocco Innocenzio M7 1904 Marriage
Castronuovo Nicola   1849 Birth
Castronuovo Teresa   1840 Death
Castronuovo Teresa   1849 Birth
Castronuovo Teresa   1863 Death
Cataldi Giovanni VII8 1905 Death
Cataldo Domenico M9 1903 Marriage
Cataldo Rosalia M9 1903 Marriage
Chiamuto Angelo B31 1907 Birth
Chiarito Pietro VII1 1901 Death
Chiarito Pietro VII2 1901 Death
Cigliani Paolo VII15 1907 Death
Cigliano Antonio IV2 1910 Death
Cigliano Domenica IV2 1910 Death
Cigliano Matteo VII34 1908 Death
Cisterna Angela M26 1905 Marriage
Cisterna Pietro M26 1905 Marriage
Colabella Andrea IV5 1909 Death
Colabella Andrea VI1 1901 Death
Colabella Andrea VII6 1902 Death
Colabella Andrea M13 1904 Marriage
Colabella Anna Lucia VII23 1910 Death
Colabella Francesco VII17 1910 Death
Colabella Francesco VII37 1909 Death
Colabella Giuseppe IV5 1909 Death
Colabella Maria Teresa M15 1904 Marriage
Colabella Maria Teresa M29 1904 Marriage
Coloianni Nicola B6 1908 Birth
Consali Giuseppe IV2 1910 Death
Consoli Giuseppe IV7 1909 Death
Consoli Giuseppe VII7 1905 Death
Consoli Giuseppe VII15 1907 Death
Consoli Giuseppe VII14 1907 Death
Contasano Francesco VII22 1910 Death
Contasano Giuseppe VII22 1910 Death
Conte Angiolella VI2 1909 Death
Conte Angiolella VII15 1907 Death
Conte Giacomo VII22 1910 Death
Conte Giacomo VII24 1910 Death
Conte Nicola VII11 1907 Death
Coppola Michelina B3 1908 Birth
Cotugno Francesco M18 1905 Marriage
Cotugno Giuseppe M18 1905 Marriage
Curico Nicola IV5 1909 Death
Curico Nicola B24 1905 Birth
Curico Nicola B39 1908 Birth
D'Alessio Rocco Luigi IV2 1910 Death
D'Alessio Rocco Luigi IV3 1910 Death
D'Alessio Rocco Luigi VII6 1905 Death
D'Alessio Rocco Luigi VII15 1907 Death
D'Allesandro Giovanni VII37 1909 Death
Danatto Domenica M7 1904 Marriage
D'Anzi Francesco VII16 1907 Death
D'Anzi Giuseppe VII16 1907 Death
Daralla Clementina VII36 1909 Death
DeCastle Francesco VII16 1907 Death
DeCesare Antonio VII5 1902 Death
DeCesare Rosa B36 1907 Birth
DeCostola Pietrantonio M25 1905 Marriage
DeFacendi Leonarda VII26 1907 Death
DeFacendi Paolo VII26 1907 Death
DeFacendi Paolo VII28 1907 Death
DeFrattele Francesco B26 1905 Birth
Del Ponte Andrea VII4 1901 Death
Del Ponte Francesco VII4 1901 Death
D'Elia Angelo VII41 1909 Death
D'Elia Antonio VI10 1902 Death
D'Elia Antonio VII3 1901 Death
D'Elia Antonio VI7 1902 Death
D'Elia Antonio VI8 1902 Death
D'Elia Antonio VII18 1910 Death
D'Elia Antonio VII20 1910 Death
D'Elia Antonio VII26 1907 Death
D'Elia Antonio B19 1903 Birth
D'Elia Antonio M22 1907 Marriage
D'Elia Domenica IGI 1895 Marriage
D'Elia Domenica IGI 1897 Birth
D'Elia Francesco VII3 1903 Death
D'Elia Nicola VII7 1905 Death
D'Elia Pietro II3 1908 Birth
D'Elia Pietro VI12 1902 Death
D'Elia Pietro VII2 1903 Death
DiCosoli Giuseppe VI11 1902 Death
DiGiulia Rosa VII2 1903 Death
DiPiero Gesualda VII18 1910 Death
Dipresso Giuseppe B29 1907 Birth
DiPrimo Pietro VII24 1910 Death
Diprimo Pietro B42 1910 Birth
DiPrimo Vincenzo VII2 1903 Death
DiSabato Cristina IV2 1910 Death
DiSanti Antonio II3 1908 Birth
DiSanti Antonio VII4 1903 Death
DiSanto Antonio VI9 1902 Death
DiSanto Antonio VI7 1902 Death
DiSanto Antonio VII25 1907 Death
DiSanto Antonio M3 1902 Marriage
DiSanto Donato VI9 1902 Death
DiSanto Gerardo IV1 1910 Death
DiSanto Maria Caterina B15 1903 Birth
Dolcemele Angelo IV8 1909 Death
Dolcemele Angelo VII6 1902 Death
Dolcemele Angelo VII12 1907 Death
Dolcemele Angelo VII18 1910 Death
Dolcemele Angelo M14 1904 Marriage
Dolcemele Angelo M15 1904 Marriage
Dolcemele Francesco VII4 1901 Death
Dolcemele Francesco VII18 1910 Death
Dolcemele Francesco B28 1907 Birth
Dolcemele Gaetano M8 1904 Marriage
Dolcemele Margherita M4 1902 Marriage
Dolcemele Maria Giuseppina VI10 1902 Death
Dolcemele Maria Giuseppina M3 1902 Marriage
Dolcemele Maria Giuseppina M8 1904 Marriage
Dolcemele Maria Giuseppina M30 1904 Marriage
D'Onofrio Giovanantonio B17 1903 Birth
D'Onofrio Giovanni VII30 1908 Death
D'Onofrio Giovanni B26 1905 Birth
D'Onofrio Nicola Vincenzo B26 1905 Birth
D'Onofrio Palma B17 1903 Birth
Durante Maria Carmela M21 1907 Marriage
Elia Angelo VII25 1907 Death
Elia Angelo M19 1907 Marriage
Elia Francesco VII4 1901 Death
Elia Giuseppe VII18 1910 Death
Essico Angiolella VII9 1907 Death
Falcone Rosa VII16 1907 Death
Faliere Serafina M22 1907 Marriage
Ferrante Andrea VII8 1905 Death
Ferrante Domenico VI7 1902 Death
Ferrante Francesco VI7 1902 Death
Ferrante Isabella VII23 1910 Death
Ferrante Maria M9 1903 Marriage
Ferrante Maria Maddelena VII22 1910 Death
Ferrante Nicola VII4 1901 Death
Ferrante Nicola VII28 1907 Death
Ferrante Pasquale VII8 1905 Death
Ferrante Vito Gaetano   1840 Death
Ferrante Vito Gaetano VII4 1901 Death
Ferranti Francesco VI2 1909 Death
Fitapoldi Rosa VI11 1902 Death
Fittapaldi Giuseppe   1863 Death
Fittipaldi Giuseppe   1896 Death
Fittipaldi Giuseppe   1863 Death
Fittipaldi Prospero   1863 Death
Fittipaldi Prospero   1863 Death
Florio Giulia VI8 1902 Death
Florio Leonardo VI8 1902 Death
Forgione Angelo IV6 1909 Death
Forgione Beniamino   1865 Marriage
Forgione Beniamino IV3 1910 Death
Forgione Beniamino M28 1904 Marriage
Forgione Ella B8 1901 Birth
Forgione Giovanni VII3 1903 Death
Forgione Vincenzo B26 1905 Birth
Forgione Vito   1865 Marriage
Forgione Vito IV3 1910 Death
Fortuna Maria   1841 Birth
Fortuna Maria VII19 1910 Death
Fortuno Francesco VI2 1909 Death
Francavilla Antonia Maria M13 1904 Marriage
Francavilla Antonia Maria M28 1904 Marriage
Francavilla Carlo M7 1904 Marriage
Francavilla Carlo M13 1904 Marriage
Francavilla Carlo M28 1904 Marriage
Francavilla Filippo IV7 1909 Death
Francavilla Gerardo IV7 1909 Death
Francavilla Maria   M19 1907 Marriage
Francavilla Maria Giuseppina IV3 1910 Death
Francavilla Rosa Camilla M7 1904 Marriage
Gaetano Domenico VI10 1902 Death
Gaetano Domenico VII30 1908 Death
Gaetano Maria VII34 1908 Death
Galante Antonio II1 1908 Birth
Galante Antonio VII17 1910 Death
Galante Filomena M7 1904 Marriage
Galante Filomena M13 1904 Marriage
Galante Filomena M28 1904 Marriage
Galante Maria VII21 1910 Death
Galitieri Francesco VII3 1903 Death
Galitieri Nicola   1863 Death
Galitieri Porzia VII3 1903 Death
Gallatieri Francesco   1896 Death
Gallatieri Francesco   1863 Death
Gallatieri Nicola   1896 Death
Gallatieri Nicola   1863 Death
Gallo Antonio VII10 1907 Death
Galtieri Porzia M17 1905 Marriage
Garviali Pietro IV1 1910 Death
Gattiere Francesco   1827 Death
Gazariello Saverio B39 1908 Birth
Gentile Rocco VII10 1907 Death
Giacinto Lucia VII33 1908 Death
Grassi Giulia II1 1908 Birth
Grassi Nicola II1 1908 Birth
Grecco Vincizena II2 1908 Birth
Grecco Vincizeno IV4 1910 Death
Greico Antonia Filomena B16 1903 Birth
Greico Pietro B12 1901 Birth
Grico Maria Filomenia B10 1901 Birth
Grieco Carmina VII25 1907 Death
Grieco Domenico VII25 1907 Death
Grieco Francesco VI8 1902 Death
Grieco Leonardo VII32 1908 Death
Grieco Leonardo B28 1907 Birth
Grieco Maria VI8 1902 Death
Grieco Maria Filomena VII32 1908 Death
Grieco Maria Filomenia B28 1907 Birth
Grieco Maria Teresa B12 1901 Birth
Grieco Nicola VI1 1901 Death
Grossi Angela VI12 1902 Death
Grossi Angela Maria M21 1907 Marriage
Grossi Angelo VII17 1910 Death
Grossi Angiola VII27 1907 Death
Grossi Cesare II2 1908 Birth
Grossi Cesare VII35 1909 Death
Grossi Cesare B6 1908 Birth
Grossi Francesco M15 1904 Marriage
Grossi Giuseppe VI12 1902 Death
Grossi Nicola Maria Leonardo Fortunato B11 1901 Birth
Grossi Tommaso B11 1901 Birth
Grumento Nicola IV1 1910 Death
Guardagno Rocco Luigi M22 1907 Marriage
Guarghlia Rosa M18 1905 Marriage
Guarighia Francesco   1865 Marriage
Guarighia Gugliemo   1865 Marriage
Guarliglia Filippo IV8 1909 Death
Guerra Vincenza B38 1908 Birth
Gughielmatte Raffaele B33 1907 Birth
Izzo Giuseppe VII2 1903 Death
Izzo Giuseppe M3 1902 Marriage
Izzo Pasquale M3 1902 Marriage
Laiavino Giuseppe VII16 1907 Death
Lainara Antonio VII6 1905 Death
Lainara Maria Giuseppina VII6 1905 Death
Lalingua Giuseppe VII5 1902 Death
Lapinuso Giulia B29 1907 Birth
Larubbio Achilles VII3 1901 Death
Larubio Giuseppe Nicola   1864 Marriage
Latronio Felice VII16 1907 Death
Laurenzia Maria Giuseppa Annuziata B22 1905 Birth
Laurenzia Teresa B22 1905 Birth
Lauria Angelo VII34 1908 Death
Lauria Antonia    1841 Birth
Lauria Francesco M27 1905 Marriage
Lauria Giuseppe B42 1910 Birth
Lauria Giuseppe M27 1905 Marriage
Lauria Rosa VII7 1905 Death
L'Escopia Francesco VII17 1910 Death
L'Escopio Francesco IV6 1909 Death
L'Escopio Francesco VII3 1903 Death
L'Escopio Francesco VII2 1903 Death
L'Escopio Immacolata VII2 1903 Death
Liati Francesco B36 1907 Birth
Libertini Francescoantonio VII13 1907 Death
Libertini Rocco Maria VII13 1907 Death
Ligorati Angelo M3 1902 Marriage
Lirisa Andrea VII4 1901 Death
Lisaridi Nicola  VII35 1909 Death
Lobosco Lorenzo VII12 1907 Death
Lombardi Carlo VII3 1901 Death
Lombardi Giuseppe VI2 1909 Death
Lombardi Giuseppe VII2 1901 Death
Lombardi Giuseppe M20 1907 Marriage
Loporchio Angiolella VII22 1910 Death
Loporchio Maria B18 1903 Birth
LoPorzio Isabella   1865 Marriage
Loprese Nicola B34 1907 Birth
LoProchio Antonio Maria   1865 Marriage
LoProchio Giuseppe   1865 Marriage
Loprochio Maria B2 1908 Birth
Loprochio Nicola VII31 1908 Death
Lorubbio Antonio VI3 1901 Death
Lorubbio Giuseppe M19 1907 Marriage
Lorubbio Maria M14 1904 Marriage
Lorubbio Nicola VI3 1901 Death
Lorubbio Vittoria M1 1901 Marriage
Lorubio Caterina VII20 1910 Death
Lorubio Giuseppe VII37 1909 Death
Lorubio Leonardo VII13 1907 Death
Lorubio Leonardo VII37 1909 Death
Lorubio Lorenzo VII9 1907 Death
Lorubio Vincenza VII10 1907 Death
Lucca Vincenzo  VI1 1901 Death
Lucia Angela VI1 1901 Death
Luisi Arcangelo B42 1910 Birth
Luisi Maria Francesca B42 1910 Birth
Lunati Giuseppina M6 1902 Marriage
Magistro Antonio VI12 1902 Death
Magistro Giovanni VI12 1902 Death
Maioranna Pasquale VII26 1907 Death
Manfredi Antonio VI4 1901 Death
Manfredi Antonio B27 1907 Birth
Manfredi Antonio M28 1904 Marriage
Manfredi Maria B27 1907 Birth
Manghese Vincenzo VII42 1909 Death
Manghesi Domenico M4 1902 Marriage
Manghesi Giulia Maria M4 1902 Marriage
Manghise Angelo IV6 1909 Death
Manghise Francesco VII5 1902 Death
Manghise Francesco VI8 1902 Death
Manghise Francesco VII34 1908 Death
Manghise Maria VII17 1910 Death
Manghise Maria Vincenzina VII5 1905 Death
Marino Andrea B25 1905 Birth
Marmo Andrea M20 1907 Marriage
Marmo Andrea M24 1908 Marriage
Marmo Antonio M20 1907 Marriage
Marmo Antonio M24 1908 Marriage
Marone Giuseppe VII20 1910 Death
Marone Giuseppe VII27 1907 Death
Marone Giuseppe B18 1903 Birth
Maronna Enrico B38 1908 Birth
Maronna Giuseppe IV5 1909 Death
Maronna Giuseppe M7 1904 Marriage
Marotti Maria Giuseppina VII35 1909 Death
Marrese Gaetano   1864 Marriage
Marrese Giovanni VII1 1901 Death
Marrese Giovanni VII2 1901 Death
Marrese Giovanni VII3 1901 Death
Marrese Giovanni VII35 1909 Death
Marrese Giovanni VII42 1909 Death
Marrese Giovanni M20 1907 Marriage
Marrese Giuseppe VII31 1908 Death
Marrese Rosa VII29 1908 Death
Marsullo Maria Nicola M18 1905 Marriage
Martinale Nusita VII13 1907 Death
Martino Giuseppe VII33 1908 Death
Martino Salvatore VII3 1903 Death
Martino Vito VII33 1908 Death
Martire Salvatore VII12 1907 Death
Martire Salvatore VII29 1908 Death
Masiello Antonia VII5 1902 Death
Masiello Antonio VII5 1902 Death
Masonna Maria VII41 1909 Death
Mastronardi Andrea M5 1902 Marriage
Mastronardi Gaetano B23 1905 Birth
Mastronardi Giovanni B32 1907 Birth
Mastronardi Giuseppe VII22 1910 Death
Mastronardi Giuseppe VII41 1909 Death
Mastronardi Giuseppe B3 1908 Birth
Mastronardi Innocenzio B7 1901 Birth
Mastronardi Maria Gaetana M17 1905 Marriage
Mastronardi Nicola Vincenzo VII14 1907 Death
Mastronardi Pasqua B23 1905 Birth
Mastronardi Salvatore B30 1907 Birth
Mastronardi Vincenza M17 1905 Marriage
Mastronardi Vincenzo VII3 1903 Death
Mastronardi Vincenzo VII41 1909 Death
Mastronardi Vincenzo B30 1907 Birth
Mastronardi Vito Gaetano VII14 1907 Death
Mastronardi Vito Gaetano B7 1901 Birth
Matera Antonio VII3 1903 Death
Matera Carmilla VII25 1907 Death
Matera Domenico VII8 1905 Death
Matera Francesco IV1 1910 Death
Matera Francesco VII3 1903 Death
Matera Francesco VII17 1910 Death
Matera Francesco VII24 1910 Death
Matera Francesco B18 1903 Birth
Matera Francesco Saverio IV7 1909 Death
Matera Gaetano VII24 1910 Death
Matera Giulia B1 1908 Birth
Matera Giuseppe VI11 1902 Death
Matera Giuseppe B17 1903 Birth
Matera Maria VII24 1910 Death
Matera Maria VII31 1908 Death
Matera Maria M8 1904 Marriage
Matera Maria M30 1904 Marriage
Matera Pasquale VII11 1907 Death
Matera Pasquale VII21 1910 Death
Matera Rocco VI8 1902 Death
Matera Valeriano VII17 1910 Death
Messina Margherita VII3 1901 Death
Messina Paolo VII3 1901 Death
Miadonna Enrico IV3 1910 Death
Modena Antonia B37 1907 Birth
Modena Domenico B36 1907 Birth
Modena Giuseppe VII19 1910 Death
Modena Giuseppe VII30 1908 Death
Modena Giuseppe B36 1907 Birth
Modena Giuseppe B37 1907 Birth
Modena Maria B34 1907 Birth
Modena Maria B35 1907 Birth
Montemasso Giuseppe VII39 1909 Death
Montemurro Domenico VII10 1907 Death
Montemusso Giuseppe VII9 1907 Death
Montemusso Giuseppe VII20 1910 Death
Montemusso Maria Addorata B42 1910 Birth
Montesano Antonio VII10 1907 Death
Montesano Stefano   1869 Marriage
Montesano Tomaso Antonio   1869 Marriage
Mormando Andrea VII20 1910 Death
Mormando Angela M5 1902 Marriage
Mormando Angelo IV5 1909 Death
Mormando Angelo VII42 1909 Death
Mormando Angelo B2 1908 Birth
Mormando Angelo M15 1904 Marriage
Mormando Angelo M29 1904 Marriage
Mormando Angelo Raffaele VI10 1902 Death
Mormando Anna VII9 1907 Death
Mormando Antonia M12 1904 Marriage
Mormando Antonia Maria M21 1907 Marriage
Mormando Antonio   1841 Birth
Mormando Antonio   1843 Birth
Mormando Antonio VI10 1902 Death
Mormando Antonio VII1 1901 Death
Mormando Antonio VII19 1910 Death
Mormando Antonio VII23 1910 Death
Mormando Antonio VII32 1908 Death
Mormando Antonio B10 1901 Birth
Mormando Antonio B16 1903 Birth
Mormando Antonio B21 1905 Birth
Mormando Antonio B28 1907 Birth
Mormando Antonio M3 1902 Marriage
Mormando Antonio M8 1904 Marriage
Mormando Antonio M30 1904 Marriage
Mormando Camilla Teresa M3 1902 Marriage
Mormando Caterina VI4 1901 Death
Mormando Caterina Antonia   1865 Marriage
Mormando Caterina Antonia   1848 Birth
Mormando Donato B2 1908 Birth
Mormando Donato M23 1909 Marriage
Mormando Donato Daniel IGI 1897 Birth
Mormando Donato Daniel IGI 1920 Marriage
Mormando Francesco   1864 Marriage
Mormando Francesco VII1 1901 Death
Mormando Francesco VII23 1910 Death
Mormando Francesco B9 1901 Birth
Mormando Francesco M2 1901 Marriage
Mormando Gaetano   1843 Birth
Mormando Gaetano   1827 Death
Mormando Gaetano   1864 Birth
Mormando Gaetano VI2 1909 Death
Mormando Gaetano VI4 1901 Death
Mormando Gaetano VII3 1903 Death
Mormando Gaetano VII19 1910 Death
Mormando Gaetano VII42 1909 Death
Mormando Gaetano B32 1907 Birth
Mormando Gaetano M17 1905 Marriage
Mormando Gaetano M20 1907 Marriage
Mormando Gaetano M23 1909 Marriage
Mormando Gaetano M24 1908 Marriage
Mormando Gaetano M26 1905 Marriage
Mormando Giulia IV1 1910 Death
Mormando Giulia Maria   1869 Marriage
Mormando Giulia Maria   1852 Birth
Mormando Giusepantonio VII22 1910 Death
Mormando Giuseppantonio B13 1903 Birth
Mormando Giuseppe VII32 1908 Death
Mormando Giuseppe B21 1905 Birth
Mormando Giuseppe B24 1905 Birth
Mormando Giuseppe B28 1907 Birth
Mormando Giuseppe B32 1907 Birth
Mormando Giuseppe B35 1907 Birth
Mormando Giuseppe M8 1904 Marriage
Mormando Giuseppe M12 1904 Marriage
Mormando Giuseppe M30 1904 Marriage
Mormando Giuseppe Antonio B6 1908 Birth
Mormando Isabella   1865 Marriage
Mormando Isabella VII2 1901 Death
Mormando Isabella B9 1901 Birth
Mormando Isabella B39 1908 Birth
Mormando Leonardo   1865 Marriage
Mormando Leonardo   1848 Birth
Mormando Leonardo IGI 1872 Birth
Mormando Leonardo IGI 1895 Marriage
Mormando Leonardo IGI 1897 Birth
Mormando Lucrezia VII6 1905 Death
Mormando Margherita VI4 1901 Death
Mormando Maria   1864 Birth
Mormando Maria VII6 1902 Death
Mormando Maria Caterina VII3 1903 Death
Mormando Maria Caterina VII17 1910 Death
Mormando Maria Maddelena VII31 1908 Death
Mormando Maria Maddelena B6 1908 Birth
Mormando Maria Teresa VII27 1907 Death
Mormando Maria Teresa B18 1903 Birth
Mormando Maria Teresa B41 1910 Birth
Mormando Nicola   1865 Marriage
Mormando Nicola   1896 Death
Mormando Nicola   1869 Marriage
Mormando Nicola   1849 Birth
Mormando Nicola   1863 Death
Mormando Nicola   1869 Marriage
Mormando Nicola   1852 Birth
Mormando Nicola   1863 Death
Mormando Nicola VII7 1905 Death
Mormando Nicola VII13 1907 Death
Mormando Nicola VII27 1907 Death
Mormando Nicola VII30 1908 Death
Mormando Nicola VII32 1908 Death
Mormando Nicola VII37 1909 Death
Mormando Nicola M21 1907 Marriage
Mormando Nicola Maria M9 1903 Marriage
Mormando Nicolandrea   1840 Death
Mormando Paolo VII7 1905 Death
Mormando Paolo VII30 1908 Death
Mormando Paolo B34 1907 Birth
Mormando Pasquale   1827 Death
Mormando Pasquale   1896 Death
Mormando Pasquale   1840 Death
Mormando Pasquale   1869 Marriage
Mormando Pasquale   1849 Birth
Mormando Pasquale   1863 Death
Mormando Pasquale VI2 1909 Death
Mormando Pasquale VI11 1902 Death
Mormando Pasquale VII15 1907 Death
Mormando Pasquale B10 1901 Birth
Mormando Pasquale B41 1910 Birth
Mormando Pasquale M9 1903 Marriage
Mormando Pasquale M15 1904 Marriage
Mormando Pasquale M29 1904 Marriage
Mormando Rosa M20 1907 Marriage
Mormando Rosa M24 1908 Marriage
Mormando Rosa M27 1905 Marriage
Mormando Rosa Maria Iolanda B16 1903 Birth
Mormando Salvatore B13 1903 Birth
Mormando Vincenzo VII2 1901 Death
Mormando Vincenzo VII6 1902 Death
Mormando Vincenzo VII9 1907 Death
Mormando Vincenzo B24 1905 Birth
Mormando Vincenzo B34 1907 Birth
Mormando Vincenzo B35 1907 Birth
Mormando Vincenzo B39 1908 Birth
Mormando Vitantonio IV5 1909 Death
Mormando Vitantonio B2 1908 Birth
Mormando Vitantonio B18 1903 Birth
Mormando Vitantonio M17 1905 Marriage
Mormando Vitantonio M26 1905 Marriage
Mormando Vittoria VII15 1907 Death
Mormando Vittoria Stella VII37 1909 Death
Muzio Carmela M2 1901 Marriage
Narandrea Domenico VI1 1901 Death
Narandrea Vincenzo VI1 1901 Death
Nigro Anna Rosa B19 1903 Birth
Novario Antonia Maria  B12 1901 Birth
Novelli Francesco IV4 1910 Death
Ortale Giovanni IV4 1910 Death
Ortale Maria IV4 1910 Death
Padua Antonia B17 1903 Birth
Paduano Angiola B27 1907 Birth
Paduano Antonia B26 1905 Birth
Paduano Margarita VI7 1902 Death
Padula Maria Leonarda B2 1908 Birth
Padula Maria Leonarda B21 1905 Birth
Padula Maria Leonarda B33 1907 Birth
Paescino Giuseppe VII5 1902 Death
Palmeri Pietro VII5 1905 Death
Palmieri Giacinto VII26 1907 Death
Palmieri Giacinto M22 1907 Marriage
Palmieri Pietro VII28 1907 Death
Pandolfo Carmela VII36 1909 Death
Pandolfo Giuseppeantonio VII36 1909 Death
Panotta Filomena M4 1902 Marriage
Parziale Domenico II2 1908 Birth
Parziale Domenico II5 1909 Birth
Parziale Domenico II6 1909 Birth
Parziale Domenico IV1 1910 Death
Parziale Domenico IV6 1909 Death
Parziale Giuletta II5 1909 Birth
Parziale Isabella IV1 1910 Death
Parziale Maria Maddelena VII30 1908 Death
Parziale Nicola II6 1909 Birth
Parziale Nicola IV6 1909 Death
Parziale Pasquale II2 1908 Birth
Pascarello Isabella   1869 Marriage
Pascarello Sa VI3 1901 Death
Pastore Grazia B3 1908 Birth
Pavone Genaro VII1 1901 Death
Pecoraro Leonardo VII10 1907 Death
Pecoraro Patricio VII10 1907 Death
Petrasulo Giovanni B38 1908 Birth
Petrasulo Vincenza B38 1908 Birth
Pierra Giuseppe M19 1907 Marriage
Pierra Pasquale M19 1907 Marriage
Pierro Francesco M12 1904 Marriage
Pierro Leonardo M12 1904 Marriage
Pignataro Innocenzio B1 1908 Birth
Pignataro Margherita VII16 1907 Death
Pignataro Maria VI7 1902 Death
Pignataro Maria B24 1905 Birth
Pignataro Maria Maddelena IV5 1909 Death
Pignataro Maria Maddelena VII42 1909 Death
Pignataro Nicola B1 1908 Birth
Plati Carmela   1865 Marriage
Pontillo Donato VII39 1909 Death
Pontillo Nicola Domenico VII39 1909 Death
Popandrea Maria Giuseppina B5 1908 Birth
Potentza Giuseppe VII29 1908 Death
Potenza Giuseppe II3 1908 Birth
Potenza Giuseppe B15 1903 Birth
Potenza Maria VII11 1907 Death
Potenza Rosa teresa B15 1903 Birth
Prisco Lorenzo B5 1908 Birth
Prisco Maria Teresa B5 1908 Birth
Quinto Domenica Maria M25 1905 Marriage
Ragone Rosa   1865 Marriage
Ragone Rosa   1848 Birth
Resta Pasquale VII36 1909 Death
Ribolotta Porzia VII26 1907 Death
Rinaldi Caterina   1865 Marriage
Rinaldi Caterina   1896 Death
Rinaldi Caterina   1869 Marriage
Rinaldi Caterina   1849 Birth
Rinaldi Caterina   1863 Death
Rinaldi Caterina   1869 Marriage
Rinaldi Caterina   1852 Birth
Rinaldi Domenico VII5 1905 Death
Rinaldi Domenico B1 1908 Birth
Rinaldi Domenico M13 1904 Marriage
Rinaldi Domenico M15 1904 Marriage
Rinaldi Domenico M28 1904 Marriage
Rinaldi Domenico M29 1904 Marriage
Rinaldi Donato   1865 Marriage
Rinaldi Donato IV1 1910 Death
Rinaldi Donato VII21 1910 Death
Rinaldi Donato VII33 1908 Death
Rinaldi Donato VII43 1908 Death
Rinaldi Donato M1 1901 Marriage
Rinaldi Eugenia VII41 1909 Death
Rinaldi Francesco B17 1903 Birth
Rinaldi Giovanni VII19 1910 Death
Rinaldi Giuseppe VII6 1902 Death
Rinaldi Giuseppe M13 1904 Marriage
Rinaldi Giuseppe M28 1904 Marriage
Rinaldi Margherita B41 1910 Birth
Rinaldi Margherita M10 1903 Marriage
Rinaldi Margherita M15 1904 Marriage
Rinaldi Margherita M29 1904 Marriage
Rinaldi Maria B11 1901 Birth
Rinaldi Nicola   1865 Marriage
Rinaldi Nicola M24 1908 Marriage
Rinaldi Pietro VII3 1903 Death
Rinaldi Vito Gaetano VI9 1902 Death
Rinaldi Vito Gaetano M21 1907 Marriage
Rivielli Gaetano M21 1907 Marriage
Riviello Antonia M23 1909 Marriage
Riviello Ceaseria VII4 1903 Death
Riviello Fidora VI3 1901 Death
Riviello Gaetano IV8 1909 Death
Riviello Gaetano VII23 1910 Death
Riviello Gaetano B41 1910 Birth
Riviello Giovanni VII19 1910 Death
Riviello Maria IV8 1909 Death
Riviello Pasquale VII4 1903 Death
Riviello Rocco VII27 1907 Death
Riviello Vincenzo IV2 1910 Death
Riviello Vito Antonio VII6 1902 Death
Robettano Isabella B7 1901 Birth
Roccanouva Margherita VII8 1905 Death
Roccanova Camilla M19 1907 Marriage
Roccanova Carlo VII13 1907 Death
Roccanova Carlo VII38 1909 Death
Roccanova Francesco M24 1908 Marriage
Roccanova Maria Vincenza M19 1907 Marriage
Roccanova Pasqua VII38 1909 Death
Roccanova Vincenzo B29 1907 Birth
Roccanova Vincenzo B30 1907 Birth
Roccanova Vincenzo M19 1907 Marriage
Rondinella Jiulia VI4 1901 Death
Rondinelli Lucia VII19 1910 Death
Rondinelli Lucia M20 1907 Marriage
Rondinelli Lucia M24 1908 Marriage
Rondinello Lucia   1864 Birth
Rondinello Lucia VII3 1903 Death
Rosetti Rocco IV7 1909 Death
Rosetti Rocco VII11 1907 Death
Rubertone Antonio VII18 1910 Death
Rubertone Camilla M13 1904 Marriage
Rubertone Camilla M15 1904 Marriage
Rubertone Camilla M28 1904 Marriage
Rubertone Camilla Teresa M29 1904 Marriage
Rubertone Carlo VII37 1909 Death
Rubertone Isabella VII14 1907 Death
Rubertone Leonardo M15 1904 Marriage
Rubertone Maria Caterina VII38 1909 Death
Rubertone Pietro VII22 1910 Death
Rubertone Vincenzo VII38 1909 Death
Rubertone Vitantonio VII15 1907 Death
Rubertone Vitantonio VII14 1907 Death
Runertone Isabella B23 1905 Birth
Russo Isabella VII34 1908 Death
Russo Isabella M20 1907 Marriage
Russo Isabella M24 1908 Marriage
Russo Michele VII34 1908 Death
Sangallo Giovanni Battista M14 1904 Marriage
Sangallo Pietro M14 1904 Marriage
Sanmartino Angelo VI7 1902 Death
Sanmartino Giuseppe VII5 1902 Death
Santalucia Angelo VII5 1905 Death
Santalucia Filomenia B32 1907 Birth
Santalucia Fortunato VII21 1910 Death
Santalucia Gaetano VII5 1905 Death
Santalucia Gaetano VII24 1910 Death
Santalucia Gaetano VII31 1908 Death
Santalucia Gaetano M30 1904 Marriage
Santalucia Giovanni VII19 1910 Death
Santalucia Giuseppe IV7 1909 Death
Santalucia Maria Filomenia B21 1905 Birth
Santalucia Maria Filomenia M8 1904 Marriage
Santalucia Maria Filomenia M30 1904 Marriage
Santalucia Nicola VII5 1905 Death
Santalucia Nicola VII31 1908 Death
Santamaria Antonia B33 1907 Birth
Santamaria Giovanni B33 1907 Birth
Santamaria Rocco B33 1907 Birth
Sarubbi Antonio II2 1908 Birth
Sarubbi Antonio VII24 1910 Death
Saviola Maria M27 1905 Marriage
Scandiffico Pietro VII2 1903 Death
Scollizzi Petronilla M11 1904 Marriage
Secafino Giovanni VII9 1907 Death
Seccafico Apollonia VII12 1907 Death
Seccafico Giacomo VII12 1907 Death
Seccafico Pasquale VII12 1907 Death
Senese Giovanni M14 1904 Marriage
Serafino Francesco VII21 1910 Death
Serafino Maria Filomena B30 1907 Birth
Serillo Domenico M11 1904 Marriage
Serillo Rosa B36 1907 Birth
Sillari Angelo B25 1905 Birth
Sillari Maria Maddelena VII8 1905 Death
Sillari Paolo VII30 1908 Death
Sillari Rosa Maria B25 1905 Birth
Silvestro Rosalia VII4 1901 Death
Simogetti Bernardino M4 1902 Marriage
Simogetti Giacinto M4 1902 Marriage
Simonetti Antonio   1865 Marriage
Simonetti Maria Giuseppina Annunciata VII28 1907 Death
Simonetti Teresa VII28 1907 Death
Simonetti Vincenzo   1865 Marriage
Soldo Francesco B29 1907 Birth
Soldo Maria Vittoria B29 1907 Birth
Spera Alfredo II1 1908 Birth
Spera Barbara VI2 1909 Death
Spera Domenico VII5 1905 Death
Spera Donato VII1 1901 Death
Spera Donato B2 1908 Birth
Spera Leonardo VII25 1907 Death
Spera Maria   1843 Birth
Spera Rocco II1 1908 Birth
Spera Vincenzo M6 1902 Marriage
Stabile Isabella VII3 1903 Death
Stagliani Maurizio VII40 1909 Death
Stagliani Stella VII40 1909 Death
Statile Antonia M14 1904 Marriage
Statile Isabella VII43 1908 Death
Statile Nicola M14 1904 Marriage
Statile Vincenzo M14 1904 Marriage
Stigliani Maurizio VII28 1907 Death
Tagliaquanti Maria Donata VII30 1908 Death
Tanico Angiolella VII6 1902 Death
Tanico Antonia B8 1901 Birth
Tanico Francesco VI1 1901 Death
Tanico Francesco B8 1901 Birth
Tanico Giuseppe VII9 1907 Death
Tezza Antonia B31 1907 Birth
Tezza Vincenzo B31 1907 Birth